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We offer individual service and attention that only an independent pharmacy can provide.

Through the years, Babis Pharmacy has provided quality customer-oriented care through both the products of a traditional pharmacy and the services of a progressive wellness center.

Love this pharmacy! Very old school place with a sincere and pleasant staff. Their prices are discounted to compete with the chains. Their candy, gift, and card section is always well stocked with everything we need. The pharmacist's are so nice and accommodating - especially Rich, he is always such a gentleman.
Steve S. - Philadelphia, PA

This place is pretty cool. The front desk ladies are always nice and treat you like they know you, calling you "honey" and "sweetie" and all that. They also have a great selection of greeting cards, and I'm always looking to find one that really makes the recipient laugh. They have a whole gift and home made candy part of the store that I've never personally used, but have many clients that rave about the selection and service, so I guess it must be good! ... it seems like a cool old-school type place and probably has that old fashioned customer service to match.
Paige L.

You don't get this kind of service in Rite aid and the rest. The owners are very friendly as is the entire staff. They will work with you if you are in a hurry. They also have an old fashioned candy counter.
Joe R.

This is one of the best pharmacies I have ever used. They are very flexible, responsive, and quick in store or over the phone. I highly recommend them!
Jennifer N.

This is one of the hard to find little pharmacy's that is still around. They maybe small in size but they are huge in Customer Satisfaction. They really take good care of their customers and they treat them right. It is always a pleasure to shop there because they make you feel important.
Add D.